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7 Steps to Clean Silver Naturally

If those silver spoons your grandma gave you are shamefully tarnished and blackened, don’t despair. We have a chemical-free method to bring the shine back to your heirloom silver spoons, bowls, and platters.


  1. Line a large bowl, roasting pan, or pot, sized to accommodate the silver, with two layers of aluminum foil or one layer of heavy duty aluminum foil.
  2. Add equal amounts of salt and baking powder — try 4 teaspoons of each. (It depends on how large your pan or bowl is.)
  3. Add boiling hot water ½ way up the sides of the container. (The baking powder will make it bubble up and you don’t need another clean-up job.)
  4. Gently stir to mix baking soda and salt into the water.
  5. Using tongs, drop in each piece of tarnished silver so they just touch both each other and the aluminum foil. As the silver soaks, watch that tarnish lift off – amazing!
  6. Use the tongs again to remove each piece to a folded tea towel to dry.
  7. Polish (now it’s easy—just wipe on and wipe off) .


TAKE NOTE: This technique is not recommended for silverplate. It may clean it, but it also may seep below the plate and harm the underlying metal.   AND, never, ever put pearls or soft stones like turquoise into a cleaning solution. The solution will dissolve their surfaces, which is tragic for your pearls and for you!

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